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According to researchers at Yale, over 50% of Indiana residents are “worried” about climate. We at Carbon Neutral Indiana can confirm this observation and add more detail:

Over the past two years we’ve helped 500+ Hoosier households measure their carbon footprints over the phone. Almost all say they feel worried, overwhelmed, and anxious about the issue.

This is particularly acute in young people we’ve engaged, contributing at least in part to a mental health crisis. The rate of suicide among people aged 10 to 24 increased nearly 60% between 2007 and 2018, according to the CDC. People are tired of feeling a lack of control and general despair. They are looking for specific, concrete climate solutions they can implement in their households, organizations, and cities.

About the Book

Project Drawdown is the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. It’s a list of ways to reduce carbon emissions -- ranging from solar and wind to methane digesters and alternative cement -- ranked by efficacy. It lists which solutions will reduce the most carbon per dollar invested.

We started by narrowing down Drawdown solutions relevant to Indiana. Then we identified local NGOs and subject matter experts working on each solution. Finally, we hired a research assistant to interview Hoosiers who successfully implemented these solutions at the household, organizational, or city level.

The result will be 20-30 inspiring success stories of Hoosiers reducing carbon emissions.

In addition to these easily digestible stories:

  • Each story will include a how to guide so readers can implement the solution. It will include costs, benefits, and a step by step process to follow.
  • Each chapter will have a list of which non-profits are working on the issue, what they can help you achieve, and contact information.
  • Each chapter will also have a list of relevant state laws

The purpose of the book is to inspire, educate, and activate Hoosiers. Imagine a cross between Chicken Soup for the Soul, a directory, and a lot of how to guides.


There are six chapters correlating with the various Project Drawdown sectors. Each will describe the Drawdown solutions relevant to Indiana. Here is an outline of the book’s contents:

  1. Electricity
    • Anne Laker / residential solar panels
    • Lauren Clemens / solar loan program for Bloomington residents
    • City of Huntington / geothermal energy for city building
  2. Food, Agriculture, and Land Use
    • Noblesville school / reduced food waste with K12 Food Rescue
    • Katelin Rupp / starting and growing Indy Veg Fest
    • Indiana farmer implementing no till farming
  3. Industry
    • Doug Fasick / Fort Wayne methane digester and restaurant grease collection program
    • Brian Presnell / recycling fallen urban trees into products
    • Michael Dungan / using old boat wrap plastic to generate electricity
  4. Transportation & Buildings
    • Jackie Phillips / implementing gas station ban within 500 feet of residences in Carmel
    • John Smillie / residential heat pump
    • Kevin Whited / Carmel Drive Electric Week Purdue / INDOT / Magment wireless EV charging
  5. Carbon Sinks
    • Ferguson / corporate donations to Wesselman Woods
    • Will Ditzler / personally planting 70,000 trees over three decades
    • How Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area was restored
  6. Enabling Conditions
    • Addie Farris / creating Eco Fest Fort Wayne
    • Daniel Poynter / creating CNI, grassroots voluntary carbon price
    • Heather Swinney / CCL chapter in New Albany
    • Ethan Bledsoe / free tiny libraries about climate resilience
    • Alison Zajdel / Richmond climate ordinance


Once the book is complete in August, 2022, we will mail 3,000 copies to the following:

  • 2,000 influential Hoosiers
    • 800 elected officials (State Senators & Reps, County Commissioners, Mayors, City Councilors)
    • 800 educators (University Presidents and College Deans, High School Superintendents and Principals)
    • 400 civic leaders (Chambers of Commerce, Boy / Girl Scout troop leaders, FFA, places of worship)
  • 1,000 Little Free Libraries throughout Indiana

Virtual Event

We are also hosting a kickoff event on August 31, 2022 at 6:30 pm eastern. The theme is, "Indiana's emerging climate economy."


We're raising $30,000 to distribute the book to Indiana's leaders. Learn more.