Carbon Neutral Indiana

We are igniting a leadership movement and reinvigorating public service.


Think Eagle Scouts or Future Farmers of America. Think The West Wing or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

It just so happens our thing is climate.


We're taking responsibility for Indiana and ensuring it becomes carbon neutral as soon as possible. We're starting with households, businesses, and academic institutions. Learn more about Carbon Neutral Indiana -- a project of the Indiana Forest Alliance, a 501c3 non-proft organization.

Measure Your Household's Carbon Footprint

Measure Your Business's Carbon Footprint

Bill McKibben:


"Like E.S.G. investing, carbon offsets are no panacea—but it is inspiring to see local startups, such as Carbon Neutral Indiana, figuring out how to communicate with homeowners and small businesses about their carbon footprint." -Bill McKibben, The New Yorker

Indiana's first carbon neutral households:


Josh & Cara Bach

Daniel & Cait Poynter

Alex Smith

Greg Kempf & family

Mark Clayton & Julia Spangler

Ray Wilson & family

Rae Schnapp, PhD

George Phillips

The Herrmann Household

Sam Bryan

Greg Weaver

Debbie Pierce

Jeff Marks and Chris Marks, Ph.D.

Monali Das & family

Professor Purnima Bose & family

Ember Jensen

Hannah-Marie Lamle


Anne Laker & Joe Merrick

The Peggy Johnson & Eric Adair family

Kristian João Aleixo

Nate Davis


Michael Grady


James Scallon 

Nowana Schroeder

Thomas Gruenenfelder, Ph.D., & family

Dr. Stephen Seiter, MD & family

Colleen Altschul & family

Bradley Malkovsky, Ph.D., & Mariam Malkovsky

Christopher & Anne Haynes

Duncan Campbell & Cathrine Spiaggia


Takoda Potts

Jeffrey Haverly & family

Steven Rigg

Tymme Laun & family


Bruce Solomon, Ph.D., & family

Landon Caldwell & family

Rosemary Spalding & family

Liam Hobson

Heidi Takada

Nancy Moldenhauer & Family


Rowena Montemayor


Jeremy Breedlove

Josh Driver & Jeff Chapman

David Harting & family


Claire Williams

Andrea Jahnz-Davis & family

Karen Rembold & family

Laura Henderson

Tyler Kanczuzewski & family

Justin and April Peters

Owen Manning & family

Alli Williams

Erin Harper Vernon & family

Rebecca Stoops and Evan Spradling

Brian Donahue and Janice Hise


Mason Merkel

Evan Dunkin

Marianne Samuel & family

 & family

JD and Kelley Jordan Schuyler & family

Logan Faircloth

Daniel Overbey & family

Elizabeth Gwynn & family

Yetlanetzi Reyna

Angie Jones & family

Benjamin Keele & family

Raymond Kosinski

Anne Greist, M.D., & family

Steph Silva

Abigail Mast

Lucy Guerlac

April Byrne

Randi Caldwell & family

Nonie & David Vonnegut-Gabovitch

Brittany Blackford

Elizabeth Patel & family

Holly Tittle-Hudson & family

Tom Bogenschutz

The Weber Family

Larry Zimmer & Ted Perzanowski

Ian Illig

Gideon Lunsford & family

Rock Emmert & Kris Lasher

Barbara Backler

Kristina Lindborg

Jeb Banner & family

Todd Barton & family

Niesha Ward & family

Erin Argyilan, Ph.D, & family

Maryla Scarpa & family

Carol Dunn & family

Michael Clust & family

Amy Stein & family 

Matt Rush & family

Zach Day & family

Jean Barr

Mary Jo Bennett


Kristin Gardner

Gloria Griesinger, CTP 

Regan Stein

Santiago & Kate Jaramillo 


LJ Suzuki & family

Professor David Haberman & Sandy Ducey


Isabel Piedmont-Smith & family


Bryan Furuness & family

Rachel Robert


Amy Benckart & family


Lee & Amanda Eisenbarth

Don Miller

Anne Wade & family 

F. Ryan Prall M.D. & family

Joshua Potter & family


Susan Schlag

Vicki Bohlsen & family

Allyson Mitchell & family

Grace Minkis

Kaitlin Yu

Chris Powers

Lindsey Wegman & family

Caleb Gosnell & family

Scott Stephen & family

John Bohlmann & Joleigh Franklin

Landon Yoder & family

Will Ditzler & family


Pamela Guerrero & family

Peter Stuart & family

Brian Will

Kurt Roembke & Sarah Suraci

Adrianna Farris

Conner & Gina Williamson

Mike Schultz & family

Stephen Perkins & family


Charlee Alexeev & family

Joshua Kruer

Kaleem McGill

Steve Grossi & family 

Dash Wieland & family

Scott Severns & family

Bob Dillingham & family

Sonja & Alex Overhiser & family (of A Couple Cooks)

Eric Ridenour


Jacob Jewell & family 

Ellen Munds

Christina Waldron & family 

Jim Poyser & family

Barbara Burke

Kati Taylor

Debra & Mark Zwoyer


Measure Your Business's Carbon Footprint

Indiana's first carbon neutral businesses and non-profits:


Greenscape Geeks

Wawasee Family Eye Care

Quiet Cut

Indiana Forest Alliance

Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (BRICs)

Wild Refillery

Eco Mow Indy

Bohlsen Group

RiverBirch Executive Advisors LLC

Newkirk Realty



Learn More About Academic Institutions

Will these be Indiana's first carbon neutral academic institutions?


Indiana University

Purdue University

Butler University

Franklin College

DePauw University