We are igniting a leadership movement and reinvigorating public service.


Think Eagle Scouts or Future Farmers of America. Think The West Wing or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

It just so happens our thing is climate.


We're taking responsibility for Indiana and ensuring it becomes carbon neutral as soon as possible. We're starting with households, businesses, and academic institutions.

Measure Your Household's Carbon Footprint

Indiana's first carbon neutral households:


Josh & Cara Bach

Daniel Poynter and Cait Collins

Alex Smith

Greg Kempf & Family

Mark Clayton and Julia Spangler

Ray Wilson & Family

Rae Schnapp, PhD

George Phillips

The Herrmann Household

Sam Bryan

Greg Weaver

Debbie Pierce

Jeff Marks

Monali Das and family

Professor Purnima Bose

Ember Jensen

Hannah-Marie Lamle


Anne Laker and Joe Merick

The Peggy Johnson and Eric Adair family

Kristian João Aleixo

Paula Wilson 

Nate Davis

Michael Grady

James Scallon 

Nowana Schroeder

Thomas Gruenenfelder, Ph.D., and family


Parker Angelos

Dr. Stephen Seiter, MD and family

Colleen Altschul and family

Bradley Malkovsky, Ph.D., and Mariam Malkovsky

Christopher and Anne Haynes

Duncan Campbell and Cathrine Spiaggia


Takoda Potts

Steven Rigg

 Tymme Laun and family


Bruce Solomon, Ph.D., and family

Measure Your Business's Carbon Footprint

Indiana's first carbon neutral businesses:


Greenscape Geeks

Wawasee Family Eye Care

Quiet Cut


Will these be Indiana's first carbon neutral academic institutions?


Indiana University

Purdue University

Butler University

Franklin College

DePauw University


Learn More About Academic Institutions