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Will this expand beyond Indiana?


Yes! Carbon Neutral Indiana is focused on Indiana, but it's a demonstration project we can replicate throughout the United States and around the world.


If you live outside Indiana here's how you can participate:


1. Become carbon neutral today.


Most of the people on our homepage are from Indiana. Some are from elsewhere -- Colorado, Maryland, etc. Even if you live outside of Indiana, we can still help you become carbon neutral. We can measure your carbon footprint and you can invest in projects that soak up your emissions.


2. Be (one of?) the first neutral households in your state.


We purchased domains for all of fifty states -- like We have a team of volunteers who are creating these websites. They'll be live soon. When you become carbon neutral, we'll list you as (one of) the first neutral households in your state. You don't have to carry the torch for your whole state. Just taking that first step will get the snowball rolling downhill. Eventually, you'll be immortalized as (one of) the first!


3. Plant a seed for local, verified, carbon projects in your state.


Over time, more and more households and businesses will become carbon neutral in your state. If your state already has some verified projects, and we determine they are of high quality, we can direct your investment to those projects. Otherwise, eventually, once there's enough purchasing power, we can help facilitate verified carbon projects in your state.