Where does the money go when I purchase a carbon offset?


Currently, we support the Afognak Forest Carbon Project.


Our all volunteer team sells carbon offsets as a fundraiser -- similar to how Girl Scouts sell Girl Scout cookies. Because our non-profit hasn't received grant funding yet, this fundraiser is our main source of financial support.

We based this fundraiser on a common retail model where our wholesale prices are about 50% of the retail price. When you purchase carbon offsets, you can purchase them from hundreds of retailers. When you purchase them through us you are getting the carbon benefit as well as:

  • Investing in our fixed costs like NationBuilder, Calendly, Google Suite, LiveChat, etc. These are investments in automation, efficiency, scale.
  • Hastening the day when we have local, verified forestry projects in Indiana. When this happens, we'll be able to take local Indiana leaders on field trips to explain how carbon neutrality and carbon offsets work. Imagine doing such a field trip with a mayor, superintendent of schools, president of the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Support CNI's long term vision. Offsets aren't it. They are a stepping stone. Our long term vision is to ignite a leadership movement and reinvigorate public service. Along the way, we're going to help all of Indiana become carbon neutral ASAP. No other organization has this vision or goal.
  • Support our deeply entrepreneurial approach to climate action. Be sure to see what our network achieved in just our first 82 days, with no grant funding and in the middle of a pandemic.
  • Eventually, creating part-time and full-time staff positions with wages similar to high school teachers. These staff would do things like help household reduce their carbon footprints or advocate at the state house.
  • Support projects like our summer internship program. Most of the 15 college students had environmental internships lined up but were canceled because of covid.