Carbon Neutral Indiana - Team


CNI grew out of conversations with hundreds of people over a year and a half. Here is the core team.


Indiana Forest Alliance's Board of Directors


We are a project of the Indiana Forest Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit. As such their Board oversees our programs and finances:


Elizabeth Mahoney

President of the IFA Board. Indianapolis, IN.

Owner/Creative Director of EM Design. Contact Elizabeth through LinkedIn.


Angelo Dattilo

Vice President of the IFA Board. Westfield, IN.

Principal Geologist, A.D. Environmental, Inc. Contact Angelo through LinkedIn.


Curt Mayfield

Secretary of the IFA Board. Nashville, IN.


Jeff Marks

Treasurer of the IFA Board. Poland, IN. His family is carbon neutral!


Rev. Michael Bean

Minister of Graham Presbyterian Church. Edinburgh, IN


David Haberman, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University. Bloomington, IN. His family is carbon neutral!

Contact Professor Haberman through LinkedIn or his IU faculty page.


Matt Landini

HASTAC Scholar at Indiana University. Indianapolis, IN.

Contact Matt through LinkedIn.


Liz Pinnick

Owner of Liz Art Photography, Indianapolis, IN.

Contact Liz through LinkedIn.


Sherri Roizen

Realtor at FC Tucker. Indianapolis, IN.

Contact Sherri through LinkedIn.


Dave Seastrom

Nashville, IN.


W. Russell (Russ) Sipes

Attorney at Sipes Law Firm. Indianapolis, IN.


Greg Kempf


Greg Kempf helps CNI by conducting carbon inventories for businesses. He uses the GHG Protocol, as taught in courses at the GHG Institute. He also volunteers with Citizens Climate Lobby.

He has 37 years experience with General Motors designing automatic transmissions as well as electric hybrid propulsion systems. He was a staff level engineer and led design teams in all aspects of design. Greg also holds 15 patents in automatic transmission and hybrid electric systems.

Fun fact: upon retiring, Greg wrote a novel about the climate crisis.

Contact Greg at: [email protected] and through Facebook.


Rae Schnapp, Ph.D.


Rae helps CNI through her expertise in forest carbon sequestration. She earned her Ph.D. in plant science at Purdue University. She's on staff as the Conservation Director at Indiana Forest Alliance. She started her career in international agriculture and has been a professional environmentalist for decades.

Fun fact: Rae enjoys volunteering with a food co-op and a Unitarian Church in Lafayette, Indiana.

Contact Rae at: [email protected] and through Facebook or LinkedIn.


Lora Bowman


Lora helps CNI with all things bookkeeping. She's on staff as the Office Manager at Indiana Forest Alliance.

Contact Greg at: [email protected] and through Facebook.


Andy Fry


Design Director. Multi-disciplinary musician, visual artist, and entrepreneur who specializes in collaborative design, often for non-profits and start-up businesses. Founded Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s and released 6 full-length albums. 

Contact Andy at: [email protected] or through LinkedIn.


Anne Laker


Development Director. 28 years experience in non-profit communications, project management, finances, and partnerships. Climate advocate with Citizens Climate Lobby. Secured large grants to support cultural projects.

Contact Anne at: [email protected] and through LinkedIn.


Chris Powers


Advisor. Chemical engineer & corporate leader by training, worked with dozens of innovative environmental nonprofits and startup companies from around the world. Applies science and technology to social and environmental problems.

Contact Chris at: [email protected] or through LinkedIn.


Daniel Poynter


Daniel founded Carbon Neutral Indiana in April 2020. It grew out of almost a year of full-time research into climate action in Indiana, including six months of research culminating in Indiana Drawdown. Before this, Daniel was a professional advisor to over one hundred social entrepreneurs, was named a Young Innovator by the MacArthur Foundation, and was invited to speak at over twenty academic institutions throughout North America. For more see this multimedia curriculum vitae.

Fun fact: Daniel proposed to his fiance in the middle of what may be the largest act of non-violent civil disobedence in London's history. See video here.

Contact Daniel at: [email protected] and through FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.