Petition: Carbon Neutral Purdue by 2030

This petition comes as a joint effort between the Purdue Student Government and the Purdue Student Sustainability Council. The current administration has proven to be open to student concerns, so this petition has the potential to change Purdue's course for the better during our time.

We are a group of students working to pressure Mitch Daniels and the Purdue administration to create a statute making Purdue's campus carbon neutral by 2030 and creating a sustainability office in the provost's office, where prevalent socioeconomic concerns such as diversity and student life already reside, through this petition by the students, for the students. Please sign only if you are a Purdue student/alumnus/staff member.

Carbon neutrality refers to the offset of environmental damage from using fossil fuels by implementing effective techniques such as retrofitting old buildings, committing to a green dorm project, implementing effective and simple carbon sequesters, installing practical solar and wind power to wean off of fossil fuels, and increasing tree cover (not by cutting down trees and replacing them to inflate statistics) to equally make up for damage done.

It is not realistic to pull away from fossil fuels entirely so early, considering Purdue's dependence, but carbon neutrality is an extremely achievable first step, as seen in cities, states, countries, and 11 of 14 Big Ten Schools (including Indiana University - Bloomington).

It is time that Purdue catches up and leads by example. These changes will be forced to happen in the future with our backs against the wall, so why not get ahead and take this small step now that will contribute to a nation-wide giant leap? 

For any questions, feel free to contact Mason Merkel at

GOAL: 2,000 signatures

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