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Daniel Poynter

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  • published More Press 2021-08-25 19:28:29 -0400

  • published CNI on National NPR Show 1A in Blog 2021-08-10 10:43:51 -0400

    CNI on National NPR Show 1A

    The NPR show 1A had a 45 minute program on carbon neutrality, and they mentioned us. Here's the 1 minute clip and the full program.

  • published Quiet Cut Becomes Carbon Neutral in Businesses 2021-08-09 13:37:39 -0400

    Quiet Cut Becomes Carbon Neutral

    Quiet Cut (owned by Franklin Brothers Landscape, LLC) is owned by two brothers, high school and college students, who grew from mowing a few of their neighbors' lawns into much more. They strive to provide the best lawn services possible to the northern Indianapolis community. In 2020, they realized the impact that lawn care equipment has on the environment so they decided to switch to all-electric mowers, blowers, and weed-eaters.

    Do you want your business to be carbon neutral?

    Measure your business's carbon footprint

    Who are you, and what’s your background?

    "My name is Eli Franklin. I am going to be a Senior at Brebeuf Jesuit in Indianapolis, I am an Eagle Scout, and my brother and I started an all electric lawn care business.

    Nature has always been a part of my life. From going to The Orchard School and spending school days in the woods, to spending my summers in the woods of Brown County, to sleeping in a tent every month as a Boy Scout, I have always felt at home in nature. As important as the natural environment is to me, I feel called to protect it. As I moved into high school, I grew more and more involved in conservation activities such as planting trees with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, measuring school waste, and recently pushing the administration to shift away from single use plastics. I helped to start the movement, WHAT’S SUP (What Is Single Use Plastic). WHAT’S SUP has worked to eliminate single use plastic from Brebeuf, and where plastic water bottles and single use styrofoam plates used to be, there are now reusable materials. 

    Outside of school, my brother, Ethan, and I have run a lawn care company for years, maintaining lawns around the Meridian Kessler neighborhood. In 2020, I realized the extreme impact that traditional lawn care equipment has on the environment, and we decided that shifting to electric mowers was an important switch."

    What did you learn about leadership from becoming an Eagle Scout?

    "Becoming an Eagle Scout taught me that leadership is primarily about setting a good example for others, and not telling others what to do. Lead by example, and if they think that what I’m doing is good, they will follow as well."

    What is Quiet Cut?

    "Quiet Cut is our electric lawn care service. Ethan and I own and operate Franklin Brothers Landscape, LLC, and Quiet Cut is our name for the electric lawn care service that we offer. By switching to electric mowers, the noise presence associated with us mowing a lawn is less than half that compared to gas mowers. Furthermore, when we switched just one of our mowers to a fully electric mower, it is comparable to removing 140 cars off the road each year. By offering both a quiet and environmentally friendly service, we are providing the best lawn care service in Indianapolis."

    Why did you decide to make Quiet Cut (owned by Franklin Brothers Landscape, LLC) carbon neutral?

    "Ethan and I decided to make our business carbon neutral because it is our responsibility to take care of the environment. The escalating climate crisis is going to affect my brother and me, and by neutralizing our carbon footprint, we are taking responsibility for our actions.

    Although we have lots of electric equipment, the trucks that we use produce carbon emissions, and the simple operations of a business have a carbon footprint - such as purchasing office materials. Going carbon neutral allows us to tie several loose ends together, that otherwise would not be possible."

    How did you feel before becoming carbon neutral, and how do you feel after?

    "Before going carbon neutral, I felt that I had done all that I could to be eco-friendly as a business, but there were still negative environmental impacts that I simply could not do anything about while running a landscaping business, such as emissions from our vehicles. 

    Now that Quiet Cut and Franklin Brothers Landscape, LLC is carbon neutral, I feel that I am truly doing my part in the world by working to eliminate carbon emissions from the lawn care and landscaping industry."

    Why should the person reading this make their household and business carbon neutral?

    "Time is running out before the damage that we do to the environment is permanent. Although carbon offsets are only a piece of the solution to the climate crisis, Carbon Neutral Indiana does all of the hard work. All you have to do is take responsibility for your environmental impact in the form of a small bill each month. Please do not think that you are just one household or business with a small environmental impact and that you going carbon neutral does not matter - because it does. If you go carbon neutral, then you could start a whole chain reaction of others making the switch as well."

    Anything else?

    "I am super grateful that Carbon Neutral Indiana was created and that they are growing so quickly. Why? Typically Hoosiers are viewed as prioritizing the economy over the environment. While people across the world too often focus on short term gains over long term environmental effects, Indiana is lacking even further behind other places in the world in terms of environmental responsibility."

    -Eli Franklin, Co-Owner of Quiet Cut



    Do you want your business to be carbon neutral?

    Measure your business's carbon footprint

  • Book - Michael Shellenberger's Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All Book

    We just finished this book and summarized each section in each chapter. About 10 pages total. We might publish that outline here soon.

  • CNI Presents to The Ohio State University Wexler Medical Center

    Brian Will is one of the first carbon neutral households in Ohio. He invited us to share at his place of employment, the Wexner Medical Center, on July 20, 2021. About 30 people attended the presentation.

    At the beginning we asked, "How do you feel when you think about climate?" To which attendees answered:

    • Anxiety
    • Eco anxiety
    • Worry
    • Apprehensive
    • Worried
    • Challenging
    • Sad

    And at the end of the presentation we asked how attendees felt:

    • Hope
    • Hopeful
    • Not alone
    • Hopeful

  • CNI Testifies at Indianapolis City Council Meeting

    Thank you to John Barth, a member of the Indianapolis City Council. He's a champion of sustainability issues for the city. Tonight Carbon Neutral Indiana testified during their discussion about Proposal 190 to create a standing Committee on Environmental Sustainability. It passed.

  • published Feedback from presenting at Franklin College in Blog 2021-07-06 11:19:07 -0400

    Feedback from presenting at Franklin College

    George Phillips, PhD, teaches English at Franklin College. He invited our founder, Daniel Poynter, to present to his class. Below is their feedback.

    Read more
  • published Case Study - Kati Taylor in Households 2021-07-01 14:04:24 -0400

    Kati Taylor - I'm Carbon Neutral!

    Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

    Measure your household's carbon footprint

  • published Video 1 2021-06-16 15:34:24 -0400

    Video 1


  • published Purchase 2021-06-15 09:52:22 -0400


  • published New Shirts Available in Blog 2021-06-15 09:30:20 -0400

    New Shirts Available

  • published Local Climate Journalism in Impactful 2021-06-02 09:37:54 -0400

    Local Climate Journalism


    Articles Published So Far

    Aug 25, 2021 - How community members change their carbon footprint

    Sept 24, 2021 - Changing climate, changing coverage: How The Exponent hopes to improve its climate reporting



    In Apr 2020, Lucas Bleyle was a freshman at Purdue University. He published a front page story in their newspaper, The Exponent, called Purdue makes slow start toward carbon neutrality.


    The newspaper wanted him to cover other topics, in addition to climate, but he wanted to focus solely on that issue.

    When we learned what student journalists like Lucas make per article, we realized we might be able to underwrite his passion. That's when David and Katie Harting -- a carbon neutral household in Westfield, IN -- stepped in.

    Generously, David and Katie decided to sponsor Lucas's climate journalism for the fall of 2021. If it goes well, they'd like to sponsor him for another semester.

    Our current plan is to brainstorm story ideas with Lucas. As the journalist, he gets the final say about what he writes about. He also gets the final say about what he submits to be published. Ultimately, The Exponent gets the final say on what gets published. But Carbon Neutral Indiana can participate in generating story ideas and connecting him to our resources throughout the state and country.

    Lucas has four semesters left at Purdue. That's a lot of articles! Perhaps enough for a book when he graduates. One idea we've explored is analyzing Purdue as a particular example of a larger pattern. Purdue is a land grant university in a conservative state. As such, it has unique challenges decarbonizing. There are about 70 other universities in its situation. Perhaps Lucas's work could be crafted into a book that provides insight for other universities like Purdue. Who knows!

    If this goes well, we'd like to connect other carbon neutral households to student journalists at other universities throughout Indiana. We could have a cohort of journalists, around the state, that meet a few times a week to support one another, share resources, and tackle bigger stories together.


    Do You Want to Fund Local Climate Journalism at Your College Newspaper?

    We created this video for leaders of college newspapers:


    Do You Want to Fund Local Climate Journalism?

    We created this video for potential sponsors:


    Full Interviews with Participants

    The Journalist - Lucas Bleyle, student journalist at the Purdue Exponent


    The Editor - Joe Duhownik, Editor-in-Chief at the Purdue Exponent


    The Sponsor - David Harting, software engineer and carbon neutral household



    More Context

    Purdue is growing quickly. In the past 17 years, their enrollment grew 18.6%, adding over 7,000 students:


    But at the same time, the independent, nonprofit student newspaper, The Purdue Exponent, is shrinking. During those same 17 years, their revenue decreased 57.5%:


    If you compare these trends, and look at the student newspaper's revenue per student, that's down 62.5% over that period, from $48/student to $18/student.

    Right as Purdue's student population is booming, there are less resources available for students to reflect on, make sense of, and articulate their perspectives. This is critical for young people to become healthy, robust thinkers and citizens.

  • published Other Projects in About 2021-06-02 09:32:14 -0400

    Other Projects

    Verified Carbon Project in Indiana

    Starting in May, 2021, we've been shepherding a working group that's creating a verified project in Indiana. More details soon.


    Climate Advocacy at City, State, Federal Levels

    We participate in climate related discussions at the city level (e.g. Indianapolis, Michigan City, Bloomington, West Lafayette, Lafayette) as well as the state level. In 2020, we helped facilitate bipartisan climate legislation that passed the Senate. Learn more here.


    Student Climate Journalism

    Starting in the fall of 2021, we are underwriting one student climate journalist at a major university. Learn more here.


    Summer Leadership Program

    We hosted a program for 15 college students during the summer of 2020. We've not found funding to continue the project but would like to. See its heavily documented success here.

  • published Midwest Sustainability Summit in Blog 2021-06-01 09:34:06 -0400

    Midwest Sustainability Summit

    We presented at the Midwest Sustainability Summit this spring. Video below.

  • published Neutral Households in Meet our Members 2021-05-26 13:09:00 -0400

    Neutral Households

    Indiana's leaders are deciding to clean up their carbon trash and become carbon neutral. Below are some of the Indiana households that are carbon neutral. See the full list here.

    Science Authorities

    Rae Schnapp, Ph.D. & family

    Conservation Director, Indiana Forest Alliance

    Landon Yoder, Ph.D. & family

    Assistant Professor; Researcher in Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute

    Thomas Gruenenfelder, Ph.D. & family

    Adjunct Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington

    Chris Haynes, Ph.D. & family

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Indiana University, Bloomington

    Bruce Solomon, Ph.D. & family

    Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Indiana University

    Greg Kempf & family

    Retired automotive engineer, with 15 patents in hybrid engine design


    Philanthropy Authorities

    Gene Tempel, Ed.D. & family Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Founding Dean Emeritus, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; President Emeritus, Indiana University Foundation.
    Dwight Burlingame, Ph.D. & family Professor Emeritus of Philanthropic Studies, Glenn Family Chair in Philanthropy at Indiana University. Authored and co-authored 10 books, more than 55 articles, and more than 100 book reviews.


    Legal Authorities

    Ronald M. Katz

    Co-founding partner of Katz Korin Cunningham PC, and leads the firm’s tax, estate and business succession planning practices.

    Benjamin Keele, JD & family

    Research and Instructional Services Librarian at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law


    Medical Authorities

    Dr. Anne Greist, M.D. & family

    Co-founder and Co-medical director of the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, Inc.

    Dr. Alex D'Angelo & family

    Founder and CEO, PM&R Recap; Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Ultrasound Guidance; Assistant Professor of PM&R, IU Health Physicians

    Gregory D. Zimet, PhD, HSPP

    Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine

    Dr. William Rozzi & family

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, South Bend Orthopaedics.

    Dr. Stephen Seiter, M.D. & family

    Anesthesiologist, Community Health Network.

    F. Ryan Prall, M.D. & family

    Ophthalmologist, Indiana University Health.


    Sustainability Authorities

    Mo McReynolds & family

    Community Engagement Manager, Office of Sustainability, City of Indianapolis

    Erin Argyilan, Ph.D & family

    Professor and Department Chair of Geosciences Department at Indiana University Northwest

    Allyson Mitchell & family

    Executive Director, Indiana Recycling Coalition

    Tyler Kanczuzewski & family

    VP of Marketing & Sustainability, Board Member and Co-Owner of Inovateus Solar, Sustainability Manager for Logistick

    Justin Peters & family

    Data Manager, Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute

    Will Ditzler & family

    Executive coach to purpose driven CEOs, President of Board of Indiana chapter of The Nature Conservancy

    Jim Poyser & family

    Executive Director, Earth Charter Indiana

    Don Miller

    Land Stewardship Manager, Indy Parks, City of Indianapolis

    Adrianna Farris

    Founder, EcoFest Fort Wayne

    Grace Minkis

    Project Developer, EDP Renewables

    Joshua Kruer

    Regenerative urban farming expert


    Government Authorities

    Pamela Guerrero & family

    Public Policy and Community Engagement Associate at ACLU Indiana

    Isabel Piedmont-Smith & family

    City Council Member, Bloomington, Indiana


    Community Organizing Authorities

    Caroline Nellis

    Retired, climate organizer in Evansville, Indiana

    Nancy Moldenhauer & family

    Retired, climate organizer in Michigan City, Indiana, Chair of Michigan City Sustainability Commission

    Ethyl Ruehman

    Student, climate organizer in Northeastern Indiana

    Rock Emmert & family

    Retired, climate organizer in Ferdinand, Indiana

    Laura Henderson

    Retired, climate organizer in Michigan City, Indiana

    Steven Rigg

    Student, climate organizer at Indiana University

    Steve Perkins & family

    Retired, former climate organizer in Evanston, Illinois

    Jeff Haverly

    Organizer of Elders Climate Action (Heartland Chapter)

    Mason Merkel

    Student, climate organizer at Purdue University

    Rosemary Spalding & family

    Runs Eastside Creation Care network in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Kurt Roembke & family

    Organizer with Sunrise Movement in Fort Wayne, Indiana


    Business & Entrepreneurship Authorities

    John Bohlmann  & family Serial tech entrepreneur. Named best student in Computer Science class at Purdue University. Accepted into Princeton PhD program. Dropped out to startup companies.
    Jeb Banner & family Founded multiple for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Just raised $8M venture capital for latest startup.
    Lee Eisenbarth & family Designer, works with startup companies
    Adam Weber & family Founded startup company Emplify, nine years later sold it for $50M
    Santiago Jaramillo & family Founded startup company Emplify, nine years later sold it for $50M


    Religious Authorities

    Alexander Mingus
    Associate Director at Indiana Catholic Conference Indianapolis, IN
    David Haberman, Ph.D. & family Professor, Religious Studies, Indiana University
    Bradley Malkovsky, Ph.D. & family Associate Professor Religious Studies, Notre Dame
    Tom Bogenshutz Manages Tri-State Creation Care.


    Philosophy Authorities

    Vera Flocke, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Indiana University


    Finance Authorities

    Gloria Griesinger Assistant Treasurer, Cummings Diesel Engine
    Duane Schmitz
    VP Supply Chain, IU Health
    Jacob Jewell & family Federal Tax Accountant
    LJ Suzuki & family Founder of CFO Share