Carbon Neutral Indiana - Impact


Many non-profits are like black boxes. You contribute resources to them and wonder, "Where did the money go? What did it accomplish?"

We designed Carbon Neutral Indiana from the ground up to provide transparent, measurable impact.

The graphs below are updated automatically.

Social Cost of Carbon

According to researchers as Stanford University, each ton of CO2 we put into the atmosphere causes about $220 in damages. Carbon Neutral Indiana helps people take responsibility for their carbon footprints. If we create the mess, we can clean it up. That means we've averted a lot of damage that would have otherwise occurred:

Equivalent To...?

Here is the total tons of CO2 our network removed from the atmosphere so far (annualized):

Cars off the Road

If the average car produces 5 tons of CO2 annually, then that means our network has accomplished the equivalent of taking these many cars off the road:


If the average mature tree sequesters 50 pounds of CO2 annually, then that means our network has accomplished the equivalent of planting these many trees:

Acres of Forest

In Indiana, one acre of forest has about 400 trees on it. So this many trees would be:

Football Fields of Forest

A football field is about 1.32 acres. So imagine this many football fields of pure forest:


When you think about the enormity of the climate crisis -- and the scale of what we need to do -- you might have an "oh shit" moment. The way you eat an elephant, though, is one bite at a time. For us, that means one household and business at a time. Slow and steady. Learn. Scale up to become more effective. Rinse and repeat.

A domino can knock over another domino 1.5x its size. That means that the SD card in your phone can, in 27 dominoes, knock over the Empire State Building. We'll get there.

Measure your household's carbon footprint