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Thomas Gruenenfelder & Family - We're Carbon Neutral!

"You don’t want to know how I feel about the climate crisis. We’ve worked ourselves into a hopeless situation. We waited too long to respond, and we’re still not responding. Given where this country is, it ain’t gonna happen.

We have efforts like Carbon Neutral Indiana’s, but it’s going to require intervention at a much higher level.

Overall, though, I thought becoming carbon neutral was a useful exercise. It was good to learn how much I’m putting into the air, which most people can’t calculate. I’m a pretty well-educated person, but I couldn’t have told you how many tons of carbon dioxide I emit. I could have made estimates about my automobile emissions, but i couldn't have told you how to translate electricity usage into tons of carbon. I also had no idea that so many emissions were coming from propane.

Unless you’re a person who’s very old, not going to live much longer, and don’t really care about the world you leave behind, then you better care about being carbon neutral, because otherwise our planet will have a minor problem." -Thomas Gruenenfelder, Ph.D.

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