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Takoda Potts - I'm Carbon Neutral!

"I read the book 6 Degrees a year ago. There are so many potential feedback loops that the climate could fall into. I don’t even want to imagine what that would lead to. It made me scared, and it motivated me to become a vegetarian. 

Yesterday, before our carbon inventory I was really deep in thought about it all. It gets overwhelming thinking about it.

Now, after our meeting, I feel a little better. Like there’s some good news in the world. I feel hopeful, optimistic. Why? There’s hope in knowing that there are organizations like Carbon Neutral Indiana out there dedicated to fighting this. Organizations looking to solve the problems through meaningful, effective techniques and strategies.

Becoming carbon neutral was easy. The inventory itself was like an interview. It helped me realize the impact I have on the environment around me.

Others should consider becoming carbon neutral because all of us, even me as a college student with a relatively small carbon footprint, cause social costs. Mine for example is about $2,000. We’re all individually affecting our environment in ways we don’t understand. So it's important to pay attention. It's definitely important to understand the impact we have and to dedicate ourselves to meaningful results." -Takoda Potts

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