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We're Carbon Neutral!

"Carbon Neutral Indiana helped us to understand how to take our efforts to be more sustainable to the next level. They provided the support and the tools we needed to understand offsetting and our carbon footprint. They helped us grow from environmentally aware people to a family more firmly conscious of the connections of our actions to the carbon dilemma. And most important, they have provided a verifiable and trustworthy way for us to account for our carbon footprint through their offsetting program.

In turn we want to help CNI reach more people. Being part of something concrete, something we can all contribute to for the greater good, gives us joy and more enthusiasm for the efforts we have already been making.

Whether you are actively engaged in environmentally sustainable practices or are looking to take some first important steps, please consider aligning yourself with the efforts of CNI, an organization aiming directly at the carbon problem.

After we committed ourselves to being carbon neutral, we knew it would be important for our friends and family in Indiana to learn more about how easy Carbon Neutral Indiana makes it for them to make a difference. With governments and corporations so often failing to act, CNI has given us a way forward in Indiana to make real contributions as private citizens. We hope you will reach out to them, ask questions, and ultimately learn how important your contribution to this effort is." -SO & GF


Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

Measure your household's carbon footprint