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Owen Manning & family - We're Carbon Neutral!

"I first heard of Carbon Neutral Indiana by seeing a yard sign in Indianapolis, on Keystone, and it intrigued me. Then I saw the article in the Indianapolis Star.

What resonated with me was the opportunity it provided to measure our carbon footprint. We’re the kinds of people who do try to minimize our waste. We compost for example. So measuring our footprint just makes sense.

I know there are many worthwhile environmental causes out there. There are a few reasons why I like the idea of being carbon neutral most.

One is it feels more tangible than other options, more approachable. It’s something that I can be conscious of through my daily choices and actions at home and understanding what I’m putting out into the environment.

Second, it’s an easier concept for me to understand. I know what it means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I also understand the core idea of balance -- the balance of emissions on the one side and offsetting those emissions on the other to be net-zero. That makes sense. It seems very concrete and straightforward.

I can see this idea of carbon neutrality triggering monumental changes. It seems like a lot of people could rally around this idea. Also I think the price point is super reasonable -- investing in projects to sequester a household’s carbon footprint is similar to their water bill.

Becoming carbon neutral, the process itself, was great. The person I spoke with was super informational and exciting. It wasn’t overly dense or academic -- definitely exciting and motivating learning about the change this organization is causing. I appreciate the positive attitude and motivation that’s going into this too.

Ultimately, I decided to become carbon neutral because I want to take responsibility for the choices and lifestyle that we are living. I want to do my part to mitigate and offset the carbon that I’m putting out in the environment. And hopefully with this local change in my household the idea will spread to the people around me, and little by little we’ll continue reducing the harm that we’re doing to our environment

I think all of this is very exciting. We can complain about policy or companies doing this and that, and we can advocate for change on those fronts, but what Carbon Neutral Indiana is promoting is the most tangible thing we can all do at the grassroots level.

Before becoming carbon neutral I felt a little bit glum, a little bit gloomy. I didn’t feel like we had a ton of power or will over the situation, but now, after speaking with someone from Carbon Neutral Indiana, and becoming carbon neutral, I feel a lot more motivated and optimistic about our future." -Owen Manning

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

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