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Nancy Moldenhauer & Family - We're Carbon Neutral!

"I am Nancy Moldenhauer and Chair of the Michigan City Sustainability Commission. We are one of two cities, including Gary, which has completed the Indiana University Resilience Carbon (CO2) Emissions Inventory in Northwest Indiana. We’ve been looking for something to involve our entire city regarding carbon footprints and how to reduce them. In fact, in June our Commission unanimously approved Carbon Neutral Indiana as one of our projects to make a difference in reducing our CO2 emissions.

What resonated with me about Carbon Neutral Indiana was their positive and practical perspective. I like their green “We Are Carbon Neutral” yard signs and think they’re an engaging way to get my neighbors and community talking.

For me, becoming carbon neutral was very simple. To measure our household’s CO2 footprint, we assessed things like our electricity, natural gas, water, and mileage for one year. Then we figured out how to invest in a project to absorb our carbon footprint exactly. Our travel was 25% above average, so we’ll want to work on reducing that. For our household, we’re emitting about 20 tons per person or 40 tons total annually, and we were able to invest in the forestry project which plants trees in Alaska to sequester our carbon output. So now we are 100% carbon neutral!

You could consider becoming carbon neutral if you love our planet like we do. If you are the kind of person who cares about your community’s health, well-being, and quality of life, then you should explore this. For those who believe humans are contributing to our climate chaos, I believe this is one of the fastest and most efficient ways we can do something positive. I also love the one household and one business at a time strategy. It has a cumulative effect just like voting for our environment would!" -Nancy Moldenhauer

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

Measure your household's carbon footprint

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