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Monali Das and Family - We're Carbon Neutral!

"I’ve paid attention to the environment and climate for years. I’ve tried to do my part -- like driving a hybrid. During that time, though, I’ve felt pretty much hopeless. It seems a lot of people here, in Indiana, aren’t doing basic things like recycling. This is reinforced when I travel, see others around the world, and come back home. I want to make a difference, but it just feels like it’s overwhelming, like it’s too much to do as an individual.

Becoming carbon neutral was eye opening. I didn’t think we were as carbon emitting as we are. I liked that we got many of the questions ahead of the call so we could prepare (e.g. looking up our natural gas bills).

Why should others consider becoming carbon neutral? Because of the environment! Climate change is a fact. There’s no question about it. If we don’t start getting conscious about it now, and take little steps… 

I still think the government and big organizations need to do more -- especially the government -- but individuals definitely have a part to play.

We are the first carbon neutral household in northern Indiana, but I don’t feel like a leader. I feel like I just learned more about our lifestyle. Now I have to think about what changes I can take to be less carbon emitting. Hopefully my kids will learn this from me."

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

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