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Gene and Mary Tempel - We're Carbon Neutral!

Professor Tempel is Founding Dean Emeritus of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, President Emeritus of the Indiana University Foundation, and a Professor of Philanthropic Studies.

"Why are we carbon neutral? My wife, Mary, said it best the other day. She said, 'We're doing this for our grandchildren.'

It's time to act. I started on this in 1970, by having my freshman composition students read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and write about it. Conscious as we were, we forgot to take action. 

It's time to act because we need to leave a better world for our children. And Carbon Neutral Indiana is an opportunity to think global and act local.

Philanthropy is about providing for the common good. Philanthropy is based on a case for support that provides for the common good -- and the more global the impact of our cause, the stronger it is. That's what makes legitimate philanthropy.

Some Native American cultures are based on providing for the 7th generation. That is, one never takes action today that doesn't have in mind how it affects the seventh generation out. That's a philanthropic concept. Providing for someone that comes after you a better world than what you found.

In our case, we messed up the world that we found. We need to take steps to restore it for those who come after us. Taking responsibility for our carbon footprints, and becoming carbon neutral, is one way to do that." -Gene Tempel, Ed.D.

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

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