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Chris and Anne Haynes - We're Carbon Neutral!

"When you look at trends regarding the climate crisis, we’re driving civilization over a cliff. We’re living with consequences today and they will be far worse for future generations. There are a few bright lights on the horizon -- technology, shifts in consciousness -- but these will only avoid the most catastrophic scenarios.

That’s why programs like Carbon Neutral Indiana are special. They provide a precious opportunity for motivating grass-roots action that makes a difference, at least for those who are relatively well-off. And they’re the ones most responsible for excess consumption that is contributing most to the problem.

What’s different about Carbon Neutral Indiana is that it doesn’t require a lifestyle change (though some such changes are still important). Reducing air travel and becoming a vegetarian would lower your footprint (it has ours), but they’re big changes. Carbon neutrality isn’t a heavy lift for many and allows you to take more responsibility for those lifestyle choices.

Also, as more households and businesses become carbon neutral, Carbon Neutral Indiana is providing concrete evidence of citizen concern that politicians will notice.

It feels very good to at least be neutralizing our future contribution to the world’s most pressing problem." -Chris Haynes

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

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