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Anne Laker and Joe Merrick - We're Carbon Neutral!

"The climate crisis has always been my top issue. Our survival is threatened. If we don’t deal with climate change, no other issue is going to matter.

Knowing this has galvanized me in many different ways. I used to write stories about the crisis, and I worked for a few organizations tackling this issue. I’ve even helped out with art shows discussing the issue. There are lots of creative ways to face climate change.

Carbon Neutral Indiana is one of the ways to take action. It required a bit of homework before my carbon inventory, but the call was administered well. It didn’t take long, there was no judgment from the organization, and it was enlightening. Knowing my emissions makes me want to try harder to reduce them.

Why should others become carbon neutral?

The process allows us to feel redemption. You can feel better about the way you’re living on this planet. After my call, I felt relieved as well as excited about the Alaska bear and forest restoration project that we’re funding with our offset contribution. I trust Carbon Neutral Indiana to vet the projects that we invest in." -Anne Laker

Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

Measure your household's carbon footprint

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