Do you want your household to be carbon neutral?

It's easy:

Measure your household's carbon footprint

Once your household is carbon neutral you get a CNI yard sign. Together we'll transform Indiana.

Here are all of the carbon neutral households so far (in order):

  1. Josh and Cara Bach (of Amplify Indy)
  2. Daniel Poynter and Cait Collins
  3. Alex Smith
  4. Greg Kempf & Family
  5. Mark Clayton and Julia Spangler (of Julia Spangler Sustainable Events Consulting)
  6. Ray Wilson & Family
  7. Rae Schnapp
  8. George Phillips & Family
  9. Herrmann household
  10. Sam Bryan
  11. Greg Weaver
  12. Debbie Pierce and Garry Davis
  13. Jeff Marks
  14. Monali Das and family
  15. Professor Purnima Bose and family
  16. Ember Jensen
  17. Hannah-Marie Lamle
  18. Anne Laker and Joe Merick
  19. The Peggy Johnson and Eric Adair family
  20. Kristian Aleixo
  21. Paula Wilson
  22. Nate Davis
  23. Michael Grady
  24. James Scallon
  25. Nowana Schroeder
  26. Thomas Gruenenfelder, Ph.D., and family
  27. Parker Angelos
  28. Dr. Stephen Seiter, MD and family
  29. Colleen Altschul and family
  30. Bradley Malkovsky, Ph.D., and Mariam Malkovsky
  31. Christopher and Anne Haynes
  32. Duncan Campbell and Cathrine Spiaggia
  33. Takoda Potts
  34. Steven Rigg
  35. Tymme Laun and family
  36. Bruce Solomon and family