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Petition: Carbon Neutral Franklin by 2030


The climate crisis is the defining issue for our generation. Our children and grandchildren will ask us what we did to help.

What will we say?

One of the best ways to help is becoming "carbon neutral."

What's that?

All of us produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.



Carbon neutrality is when we reduce these emissions as much as possible... and then cancel out the rest by doing things like planting trees.

It's sort of like canceling out the bad we do with an equal amount of good.

Eight colleges are already carbon neutral -- like Colorado College. Ball State plans to be neutral by 2030.

What if we beat them?

What if we're the first carbon neutral campus in the Midwest?

We can do it.

Let's get started now.

Sign this petition and ask your friends to sign it too.

200 Signatures


Will you sign?

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