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Wawasee Family Eye Care Becomes Carbon Neutral

Wawasee Family Eye Care is in Syracuse, IN.

"There are so many different arenas -- I’m in healthcare, which is one -- but the climate crisis arena is so overwhelming. It even affects healthcare. As more information comes out, our reality of the crisis has changed. We’re facing a lot more effects of climate change now than 10 years ago. Reality’s hitting us pretty hard.

There are also many ways to be a part of the answer to the climate crisis. Since I’m a part of the problem, I have to be a part of the answer as well. I’m a co-director of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby in Goshen, so becoming carbon neutral was an easy slam dunk to take more action.

I decided to become carbon neutral after visiting my kids in Oregon and seeing the environmentally active businesses there. I want to encourage businesses here to do the same. I’m showing that I care and am part of the solution. I want to spread the fever.

The process of becoming carbon neutral has been good. For every purchase that we make, a tree is planted through, so I made sure that I felt good about what Carbon Neutral Indiana is doing before signing up. Overall, the process was good.

The benefits of carbon neutrality are that it raises awareness. A lot of people don’t think there’s anything we can do, or don’t think that climate change is a problem. We’ve got to get back to real science.

Other businesses can spread awareness and become a part of the answer. This is also just good for business. If I have a choice between two businesses, I’ll pick the one that’s more environmentally friendly." -Dr. Rod Kaufman, Optometrist and Owner of Wawasee Family Eye Care

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