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CNI Helps Purdue Learn from Ball State

Purdue faculty have a standing sustainability committee. They were unaware Ball State is twenty years ahead of Purdue on the issue, so we introduced them to Professor Koestler. Minds were blown. Video below.

We introduced the Purdue faculty group to the dynamo behind Ball State's Council on the Environment, Professor Bob Koestler. He presented a summary of the past twenty years at Ball State and lessons they learned.

Maybe Purdue can catch up? ;)

Seriously though, these kinds of introductions are what we do at Carbon Neutral Indiana constantly. Even if you've only been on the environmental scene for a year or two, you know the biggest challenge is turnover and continuity.

The people who make up institutions like Purdue (students, staff, faculty) constantly come and go. It's very, very difficult to maintain and grow something over the years.

That's where community groups like Carbon Neutral Indiana come in. We provide interstitial support, reminding people of the resources in their own backyard -- like COTE.

Thank you Professor Koester, and everyone at COTE, for trailblazing these past twenty years and for sharing your lessons so graciously.

Boiler up!🚂

Here's the video of Professor Koester's presentation:

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