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Opportunities in Indiana's Emerging Climate Economy

On Aug 31, 2022 Carbon Neutral Indiana hosted five expert panelists to discuss opportunities in Indiana's emerging climate economy. Here are the slides and a video recording.

Here are the slides and the video on YouTube.



121 event registrants including:

  • 12 leaders of startup companies who have raised $426 million in startup funding
  • 18 PhDs or Masters in hard sciences
  • Mangers and executives in industries like materials, buildings, finance, health, manufacturing, software, water, education representing $77 billion in revenues

Our next event is Wed Mar 1st, 2023 at 6:30 eastern

About Carbon Neutral Indiana:

  • Values
    • Egalitarianism - Knowledge is distributed, not exclusive to an elite
    • Abundance - Potential wealth and human flourishing is limitless
    • Win-win - mindset Innovation makes the pie bigger
    • Liberty - Free minds and free markets improve the world
    • Curiosity - Limitless exploration awaits us
    • Growth - The best is yet to come
  • Projects

Kacey Crane - Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Website
  • Past:
    • Largest inland oil refinery in the country
    • In 2019, Benton County received additional $4 million in tax revenue from wind. This lowered everyone in the county's property tax by 61%.
    • Indiana's first utility scale solar field in Randolph County went online last year.
    • Perpetual Industries in Auburn, IN. Mining crypto in environmentally sustainable way.
    • Brightmark uses organic waste and turns it into biodiesel.
  • Future opportunities:
    • Utility scale wind and solar investment. Indiana is 4th state in the country for projected solar development (behind California, Florida, and Texas).
    • Similar benefits from wind investment.
    • Statehouse passed SB 271 (2022) - “Small modular nuclear reactors.” Requires the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to outline the rules governing the construction, purchase, and leasing of small modular reactors, a technology used by the U.S. Navy for the past several decades.
    • Dr. Peter Schubert at IUPUI is exploring underground pumped hydro storage. Water could be pumped into abandoned coil mines in order to store intermittent energy from renewable sources.

Ben Wrightsman - Battery Innovation Center

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  • Website
  • Past:
    • Indiana one of first states in the country to bring about first EVs a hundred years ago. Companies like Studebaker, Waverley Electric Car, Anderson Carriage, Milburn Light Electric, etc.
    • Indiana continued to innovate in EVs in the 1990s. General Motor's EV1 (one of the first massed produced EVs). The powertrain was made in Indiana. All the battery technology was from Indiana. A lot of the current EV tech came out of GM, BAE Systems, Allyson work here in Indiana.
    • Other firsts in Indiana: Bright, Eco Motors, Project Plugin
    • Indiana one of the first states to test electric fleets and public transit (Electric Indigo)
    • Indiana is very much a first regarding batteries
  • Future opportunities:
    • This is why we formed the Indiana EV Products Commission. This was the first one formed in all 50 states. First report will be published Sept 30. It'll elaborate all the firsts in Indiana regarding EV tech.

Allyson P. Mitchell - Circular Indiana

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  • Website
  • Past:
    • Indiana company owns several other companies that are the biggest recycler of lithium batteries in North America
  • Future opportunities:
    • Heavy manufacturing footprint in the state. Therefor we have the end markets for reused materials.
    • New Indiana law (established in 2014) sets 50% recycling goal.
    • One bottleneck in the circular economy is transportation (moving materials around). Indiana is know for transportation so we might be able to lead in the emerging circular economy.

Anthony Corsaro - Regenerative Food Systems Investment

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Website
  • Past:
    • Legacy as leader in ag. This is responsible for 180,000 jobs. Purdue's research helped tripled total ag output while reducing labor by 75% and land required by 24%.
    • Cover cropping is one regenerative practice. Indiana is 3rd highest cover cropping state in nation. This has grown 50% since 2012. Lot's of momentum.
    • Farmers like Rick Clark, who farms 7,000 acres in Warren County.
  • Future opportunities:
    • Indiana's ag economy is enormous and healthy.
    • Indiana has strong research institutions like Purdue.
    • Indiana's government has shown it wants to support ag.
    • Our top five commodities are corn, soybeans, meat animals, poultry and eggs, dairy. The regenerative ag practice playbook has solutions for these commodities. A lot of the challenges have already been figured out. We can implement them at low risk.
    • Companies like Walmart, PepsiCo, etc. have made commitments to source from regenerative practices.
    • Getting farmers to use electric tractors.

Paul Seidler - Evergreen Climate Innovations

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  • Website
  • Past:
    • Indiana has at least two female led climate tech companies. Go Electric in Anderson develops microgrid technologies. MITO Material Solutions in Carmel. They commercializes advanced materials.
    • HG Ventures in Indiana funds companies like MITO Material Solutions.
  • Future opportunities:
    • Innovation coming from both startups and big companies like Cummins (see their New Power Systems).
    • Universities like Purdue.
    • Government (IEDC is supporting innovation like the Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit)
    • Generally, Indiana and Midwest is known for quiet competence. We know how to get things done.

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