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Nurturing Friendships

Carbon Neutral Indiana is igniting a leadership movement and reinvigorating public service. So how do we weave bonds of friendship during covid? When we're all isolated behind screens?
I asked Josh Bach, the first carbon neutral household in Indiana. He said, "What if volunteers delivered yard signs in person, rather than mailing them through the mail? That way everyone could be introduced to the community with at least one smiling hello. It could help us nurture friendships."
I've already been delivering yard signs in person -- if the person lives in Indianapolis. Here is Matt Rush, his wife Rusana, and their dog Pierogi, a young golden retriever who likes squirrels. My wife Cait and I dropped off their yard sign today.
But what about people who live outside Indianapolis? I've been mailing their yard signs.
Well, as of today, we have a new class of volunteer -- "Yard Sign Ambassador." Tom Bogenschutz is the first in the state, in Evansville, and Barbara Backler is the second, in Bloomington.
Whenever anyone in Evansville, Bloomington, or Indianapolis gets a yard sign, Tom, Barbara, or I will deliver in person, to their door, and welcome them.
Eventually (hopefully soon!) we can have outdoor potlucks in any city with more than few carbon neutral folks.

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