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Introducing Wren Weyenberg

Nearly 3,000 students signed petitions calling Indiana University and Purdue University to become carbon neutral. We selected only twelve. Learn about one of those students below. Learn about the others too.

Reflection After First Week

Favorite Quote

"Life isn't about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself. So live the life you imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


How would you like to be introduced on stage?

Wren Weyenberg is a Junior at Purdue University studying environmental and ecological engineering. She wants to devote her life to improving injustices in the world, especially centered around climate and cares about the wellbeing of society and the environment. Wren is a hardworking person and if she is passionate about something, she will put all of her effort into it and will not be afraid to take action and voice her opinion when necessary.

Why did you decide to participate in CNI's Learn / Hustle / Grow summer program?


I wanted to participate so I could see what it takes to provide concrete change to my community. Many people talk about change, but in reality, I don't know what that entails or how to get there. This summer program will help show me.

What might we accomplish together this summer?


One thing that comes to my mind is that we become a tight-knit group of people that are united through the passion of change. This will give us momentum to get more members and grow the organization. This summer, I can see us gaining many more carbon neutral supporters and finding more schools and academic institutions that want to start a carbon neutral chapter themselves.

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