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Introducing Siddharth Das

Nearly 3,000 students signed petitions calling Indiana University and Purdue University to become carbon neutral. We selected only twelve. Learn about one of those students below. Learn about the others too.

Reflection After First Week

Favorite Quote

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." -Erich Fromm

How would you like to be introduced on stage?


Presenting today is Siddharth Das from South Bend, Indiana, a current student at Indiana University. Sidd grew up with a love for other animals and an interest in studying insects, leading him to focus more on biology than other fields. After realizing that many of these animals are disappearing fast, he’s been focusing on wildlife photography, hopefully to use an educational tool to motivate others to take action. He has also been drafting sustainable policy at Indiana University and hopes to expand his reach in the future.

Why did you decide to participate in CNI's Learn / Hustle / Grow summer program?


I was heavily motivated by the opportunity to take direct action to support a sustainable future but the inviting environment was what made me join. The organization was very approachable, making it possible for me to understand what exactly this organization’s goals are and the methods to achieve those goals. The openness gives me hope that this will be a cohesive team that can make efficient decisions to bring about change.

What might we accomplish together this summer?


I imagine that we will develop a group that can grow into leaders together to motivate and create change in all areas that need it. For example, I believe that all of our project proposals and brainstorming will produce new ideas for each of us, allowing us to learn from each other and connect. I’m imagining a group that will work cohesively and remain close throughout the summer and beyond. I’m imagining that we’ll create a web of families that will be able to connect over our goals and bring communities together to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

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