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Introducing Heidi Takada

Nearly 3,000 students signed petitions calling Indiana University and Purdue University to become carbon neutral. We selected only twelve. Learn about one of those students below. Learn about the others too.

Reflection After First Week

Favorite Quote

"An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior." -Victor Frankl

How would you like to be introduced on stage?


Heidi is someone that puts others before herself and deeply values her community. She shows gratitude to the people who are not often appreciated for their hard work. One example was when she had an idea to surprise the custodians of her dorm with gifts and signed cards. Heidi did not hesitate to get her community involved, she got funding from her dorm's student body and was worked together with the RA's and students of her dorm to get all the cards signed. Her humility and strong sense of community has pushed her to new heights. Please welcome Heidi!

Why did you decide to participate in CNI's Learn / Hustle / Grow summer program?


I want to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person AND learn more about sustainability/carbon neutrality.

What might we accomplish together this summer?


This is a great question, especially in the midst of a COVID-19 world. Now is the perfect opportunity to be asking this sort of thing, how can we reshape our society to be better prepared for pandemics and climate change, two interconnected challenges. From my limited understanding of our team, I think we have the most sway in influencing academic institutions (student body and faculty) and homeowners to be carbon neutral. To this, I imagine shaping a future that is not individualistic, putting emphasis on the community, making strong connections and giving back to the community. Like creating a community garden in Bloomington. Or team up with local businesses and create a reward system to those who offset their carbon footprint!

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