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Introducing Gloria Masih

Nearly 3,000 students signed petitions calling Indiana University and Purdue University to become carbon neutral. We selected only twelve. Learn about one of those students below. Learn about the others too.

Reflection After First Week

Favorite Quote

"The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting." -Walt Disney

How would you like to be introduced on stage?


Gloria Masih is from California, and is a second-year undergraduate student of the O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs studying Environmental Management. She is a former Sustainability Scholar and has conducted research regarding sustainable food consumption and waste minimization within Indiana University. Her interests include sustainable development and education, public policy, and environmental and societal equity. Upon graduation, she intends to either further her education and acquire a master’s or to take time off to volunteer and travel abroad. She is excited to tackle large issues and solve complex problems especially those related to the future viability of the planet and its inhabitants.

Why did you decide to participate in CNI's Learn / Hustle / Grow summer program?


I support the mission and core values of CNI and support what they stand for. I'm willing to help in the best way possible. I gain the most satisfaction from my work when I can turn my ideas into reality and create constructive change that can benefit people and the environment.

What might we accomplish together this summer?


I could imagine progressive steps being taken on a smaller local and state level, which could foster change that could be upcycled and lead to larger steps being taken on a national and federal level. I could imagine that the planet is still in a dire state and lives are being irrevocably changed and transformed due to the stress and tension from climatic change. However, individuals, then groups, then states, then governments, then countries all deciding to make the choice to not let the tension, stress and uncertainties of climate change continue to mold life as we know it. Instead, leading by example with hope that humankind can change, innovate and challenge themselves to meet the demands of a changing world instead of running away from it. To secure a world where science and progress, innovation and creativity will lead to people’s happiness and that youth will again have a future and old age a security. That is what I can imagine. Getting there is whole other story. However, it starts with small steps that can be taken in the present right now. I would hope to accomplish various projects and goals this summer that lead to Indiana becoming more carbon neutral, as well as, hopefully changing perspectives and biases in the process.

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