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CNI Mentioned in Howey Politics Indiana

"Energy dependence, on the other hand, is the effect of SEA 309, the 2017 state law that phases out net metering of consumer-generated solar energy. This cynical law hampers one industry while passive aggressively buttressing another.

Essentially ghostwritten by utility lobbyists, the law was shepherded by Sen. Brandt Hershman, who, soon after the law was passed, his industry credentials burnished, flew the coop to Washington to be a lobbyist himself...

Solar providers can barely keep up with the surge in demand. Outfits like Solar United Neighbors of Indiana are marketing solar buyers clubs. And a new initiative called Carbon Neutral Indiana is enticing Hoosiers to analyze and offset their carbon footprints with investments in forest preservation and solar [Disclosure: the author is a member of both].

Although it was designed to keep the solar genie in the bottle, SEA 309 has forced the genie out." -Anne Laker

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