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Book Published!

You're one individual. What can you do to help with climate change? I heard this from countless people. So I wrote the book Carbon Neutral Indiana: A Practical Guide to Climate Optimism.

It includes 60 true stories of Hoosiers reducing carbon emissions, and it includes how-to guides so readers can implement the solutions in their households, organizations, and cities.

Below is an animation as if you're flipping through the book, and here is a PDF sample.

Best of all, the book has advance praise from Indiana's most respected conservative leaders like Indiana's former Secretary of Commerce Mickey Maurer:

“In Daniel Poynter’s new book, “Carbon Neutral Indiana, a Practical Guide to Climate Optimism,” he is anything but neutral. Poynter is an enthusiastic advocate... His pragmatic approaches are clever, sometimes funny and very convincing. This book is an essential primer for everyone wishing to implement climatic solutions and help the world avoid a possible devastating environmental tragedy.”

And then 48 people contributed $28,558 to print and ship free copies of the book to leaders throughout the state. Thank you to the following:

It took about 80 hours, but we got thousands of books packaged and ready to ship!

In the past few weeks, carbon neutral members packaged books in our home. Pictured are Greg & Debbie Collins and Cait Poynter. Volunteers not pictured include Benjamin Keele and Brad Mueller.


So far we've mailed free copies of the book to:

Elected officials

  • 104 mayors
  • 115 city councilors
  • 276 county commissioners
  • 100 state representatives
  • 50 state senators

Educational leaders

  • 65 university presidents
  • 235 superintendents
  • 7 highschool teachers

Other leaders

  • 120 people from IBJ's 40 under 40
  • 250 people identified by IBJ as the most influential
  • 253 family foundations
  • 35 climate volunteers
  • 18 Directors of Sustainability
  • 61 leaders of large places of worship
  • 53 Chambers of Commerce

As a result, the Indiana Environmental Reporter covered the book and Debb Chubb interviewed me for Indiana Women's Action Movement, Inc.

I think this book is going to make a massive, positive impact.

Kind of like a grown man doing a cannonball.

Order your book now.

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