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Bloomberg Midwest Climate Summit

We presented at the Bloomberg Midwest Climate Summit recently. The presentation starts at 27:14. It ends early because of connection issues then starts up again at 43:12.

Afterwards, Shari Bell reached out. She's the Midwest Regional Director for Climate Central now, and she used to be an Executive Producer at CNN for over a decade. After CNN, she started the first weekly TV show on climate change for the Weather Channel. She's been working on climate for a long time, and she said:

"I enjoyed the Midwest Climate Summit a lot, and your presentation stood out. Your timing is perfect. If you were two years earlier you might be banging your head against the wall. Your team has what funders want -- a model that scales."

We were talking about how everything we've done in Indiana is just the beginning, even here, and that it can be replicated throughout the country.

She mentioned a few upcoming reports (the Net Zero America Project and one by the National Academies) that we can use as a north star to help Indiana achieve carbon neutrality.

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