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Anonymous Testimonial

A carbon neutral household emailed this to us. We asked if we could anonymize it and post it:

"You were generous to respond with such detailed info last week when I expressed my hesitation about CNI, I wanted to let you know that I am happy about our decision as a household.

I found your responses very helpful, particularly the Team link on the CNI homepage and the new pages and links to CNI from the IFA website. You are doing everything right and then some, and I hope you don't quit.

Indiana needs you, and people like [my partner] and I would shrivel up and die (or more likely move to a new state) if there weren't people like you and organizations like yours here.

PS One of the many things I've noticed you do well, better than any .org I've seen, is to quantify, promote and communicate CNI's progress towards objectives and its lasting impact. I have learned a lot just seeing how you operate." -Anonymous Carbon Neutral Household

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