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Here's a running list of achievements of which we're proud (in rough timeline order): 

Various impact

See this page for impact metrics updated automatically.

Hosted 15 interns in summer 2019

Many of these students were environmental studies students who had their other internships canceled because of covid. Most other environmental groups in Indiana canceled internship programs because of covid.

Grew revenue 76% month over month in first six months

This is faster than many for-profit startup companies with millions in funding. In a pandemic, with no funding, and an all volunteer team.

Helping to facilitate bipartisan, state climate legislation

It will incentivize Indiana forest owners and farmers to do climate friendly practices. It will also create "homegrown" Indiana carbon offsets.

Highlighted by NationBuilder as a case study

They highlighted Carbon Neutral Indiana in the same space they highlighted presidential candidate Andrew Yang and

Publishing carbon inventories for 5,000 cities nationwide

Coming soon. It's hard to believe, but this project will provide $175M in value to the public.